Kenneth Leung, CFP®  Financial Advisor

Kenneth Leung, CFP® Financial Advisor

Laura Destro  Office Manager

Laura Destro Office Manager

Menah Sharif Magee  Client Liaison

Menah Sharif Magee Client Liaison



Client Values:

In our experience, the most successful financial partnerships can only exist once there is a clear understanding of personal values. The purpose of good planning, after all, is not merely getting the best investment return, but how to use financial tools and resources to meet your personal goals and objectives.

Maybe your values revolve around your community or family, or maybe you believe that participating politically is at the core of who you are. Perhaps you feel that self-growth and improvement is most important, or that a balance between your personal and physical health best describes who you are. In any case, understanding your own values – what is important to you – is critical in clarifying sound financial goals and objectives.

Likewise, different people will have different financial objectives. Maybe your financial objective is securing your retirement, or that of a loved one. Maybe it’s having the ability to continue to care for a loved one with special needs after you are no longer able to give care directly. Perhaps you wish to volunteer or contribute to a charity with which you have a special relationship, or maybe you want to immerse yourself in experiences you were unable to have when you were younger.

In any case, the first step in accomplishing objectives is understanding them.


Firm Values:

In the same way, it is important to work with a firm that can understand your values, and partner with you in accomplishing your financial objectives.

Millar Financial Group is a client values oriented financial advising firm. Our job is to help you to recognize your values and achieve your objectives. Our personal values include giving back, not just to our clients, but to the community at large; providing competent, objective, and professional service to our clients; and caring about those with whom we work.

Some firms do not see themselves this way. For example, some firms may value themselves as investment traders and not as planners. Or some may see their role as a planner only in terms of providing financial “products” while not providing other advice. If this matches your values, a firm like this might be a good fit. But if it does not, then the chance of a good long-term partnership is unlikely.

Likewise, Millar Financial Group is not the right firm for every client with whom we meet.



Our hope is that you are able to realize your personal values and achieve your financial objectives. If we can help you in that process in any way, please let us know. And if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us directly.


Our Relationships

Community Relationships

Millar Financial Group has a history of working within the community, and particularly with non-profit organizations. We believe that the expertise we bring to clients provides us with skills that can be brought to the non-profit world. We encourage our staff to become involved by offering paid time off for non-profit activities.

Two of our staff are founding board members of non-profit organizations: one providing funding for elementary schools in Afghanistan; the other offering assistance to underprivileged immigrant students. And all staff members volunteer with non-profit organizations of their choosing.

Over the years members of our staff have served on the board of directors of many community organizations including the Greater San Francisco Bay Area Alzheimer’s association; National Alzheimer’s Association; Ohlone College Foundation; Sakhi Foundation; Bay Area Immigrant Students Outreach; California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform; Community Coalition for Independent Elders; Alzheimer’s Services of the East Bay; and the Family Caregiver Alliance.

Millar Financial is frequently requested to speak to groups about financial planning and planning for catastrophic illness. Presentations have been made at the Alzheimer’s Association, the Family Caregiver Alliance, the California State Bar, the Financial Planning Association, as well as several appearances on radio and TV.

Raymond James is not affiliated with the above listed organizations.


Business Relationships

Financial Planning is an interdisciplinary practice. When external resources are required, we prefer to work with a client’s current advisors – attorneys, accountants, etc. – in executing their plan. Where a client does not have an appropriate advisor they wish to work with, we may assist them in obtaining the required services. We try to maintain relationships with a variety of professionals in the various communities in which we work to facilitate this process.

In no case is Millar Financial Group compensated, either directly or indirectly for a referral we make, nor does Millar Financial compensate a professional that makes a referral to our office.

In addition to local professional relationships we also may have relationships with outside businesses. For example, we may have relationships with companies through whom we obtain certain services or products for our clients.


Raymond James

Millar Financial Group is an independent Registered Investment Advisor and Financial Planning firm. As part of our services we help our clients implement our recommendations. To facilitate implementation of investment recommendations where desired by our clients, our advisors offer securities through Raymond James Financial Services, member FINRA/SIPC, (RJFS; www.raymondjames.com).

See our company brochure and Form ADV (available here) for a full description of our team's relationship with Raymond James and services we offer as a Registered Investment Advisor.

While our financial planning and investment recommendations are made independently of Raymond James, our clients benefit greatly from our team's relationship with Raymond James. Founded in 1962, Raymond James is one of the largest, independent, U.S. financial services and securities firms in the country. Raymond James has earned a reputation for being a conservatively managed company – a firm offering its clients a full range of services while consistently putting their interests first. Raymond James holds client assets exceeding $600 billion. Raymond James, a multinational company, is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (symbol: RJF).

The information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell Raymond James Financial stock.